Occupational Outlook Handbook
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Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Handbook overview

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) is a consumer-oriented collection of summary pages for occupations organized by SOC codes. The resource is maintained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics within the US Department of Labor. The OOH is an outstanding resource for career exploration, and is often available in career centers of high schools and colleges, as well as in libraries.

The descriptions of a career's daily activities and the preparation needed to enter that career are incredibly valuable resources that we incorporate into each associated career overview that we provide.

Finding the data

To look up a specific career, it is easy to navigate to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and search for a career of interest. For the data we present, we are using an xml compilation of the handbook from OOH Data Access and Republishing Information accessed on February 20, 2019.