Equity in Athletics
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Department of Education

Equity in Athletics

Data Overview

The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act data is provided by the Department of Education.
The information is collected in order to prepare reports for lawmakers regarding gender equity in intercollegiate athletics.

Methodology and content

Schools are required to submit their data for processing by the Department of Education annually. The data for all schools is conglomerated by the Department and released in publicly-available data files, as well as in prepared reports to lawmakers.

Schools report a number of metrics for every sport that receives funding from the institution. Every sport is divided between male, female, and coeducational leagues. Funding information is based on expenses, revenue, student participation, and coaching staff. Expenses are broken into operating expenses and recruiting expenses, and includes all coaching salaries, overall student aid, and promotional activities. Revenue encompasses all income from the sport, including concession sales, state and federal government support, ticket sales and more.
In cases where coaches are responsible for more than one team, their reported salary is divided among those teams based on how great their responsibilities are for each.

Finding the data

We download the Equity in Athletics data downloaded from the Department of Education. The 2018-2019 data was released in early March 2020 and we retrieved that data on March 12, 2020.