Farm and Ranch Management
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Farm and ranch management is a program that prepares individuals to manage farms, ranches, and similar enterprises. includes instruction in applicable agricultural specialization, business management, accounting, taxation, capitalization, purchasing, government programs and regulations, operational planning and budgeting, contracts and negotiation, and estate planning.
Careers for program graduates
Farm and ranch management majors work in these careers, which are sized by percentage of majors in the career (at least 1%) and colored by the predominant level of education.
Farmers, Ranchers, and Other A...Specialized ManagersWholesale and Manufacturing Sa...First-Line Supervisors of Reta...Specialized Agricultural Worke...Retail SalespersonsFirst-Line Supervisors of Non-...General and Operations Manager...Chief executives and legislato...Elementary and Middle School S...Financial ManagersLoan OfficersLandscaping and Grounds-keepin...First-Line Supervisors of Land...Customer Service Representativ...Accountants and AuditorsConstruction ManagersSales Representatives of Servi...
High School
Some College
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Current Award Levels
Hover over the bars below to see how many people across the country completed a degree in farm and ranch management at each level last year.
02004006008000-1 Year Certificate1-2 Year Certificate2-4 Year CertificateAssociate's DegreeBachelor's DegreeMaster's Degree
Race/origin of recent graduates
Here is an overview of race/origin for all farm and ranch management graduates from this last academic year. We found a lower percentage of international graduates than in 63% of other programs.
Pacific Islander
American Indian
Not Reported
Context: Percentage of Minority Graduates
Minority students comprise a lower percentage of graduates than in 97% of other programs.
Of all people with any degree in farm and ranch management earned in the last academic year, 25% were women.
Context: Percentage women
This is a lower percentage of women than 77% of other programs.
Similar programs
Following are related programs, ordered by those with the highest number of completions. You can explore a full list in the last section for programs below.
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Staring Salaries and College Debt by Award
How are students who recently completed a degree in Agricultural Business and Management doing?

Below you'll see the distribution of the starting salaries and accumulated federal and private educational loans across schools that offer a program in the field agricultural business and management, which includes farm and ranch management.

Median starting salaries
Median cumulative loan amount
Where can I complete this program?
Explore schools that offer farm and ranch management degrees and certificates

Use this list to identify high-performing schools in convenient locations that offer this program. Select the orange scatter button to see typical starting salaries and student loans by school and award level for the broad program Agricultural Business and Management. (Salary data is only available for large programs.)

Understanding the columns

The school list includes a few facts about each school that give you an idea of the educational quality each school might offer:

  • Student-Faculty Ratio: A small number of students per full-time instructor suggests individual attention for each student and an up-to-date curriculum.

  • Satisfaction Rate: A high percentage of returning first-year students should correlate with satisfaction (schools call this their retention rate).

  • Repayment Rate: A high repayment rate means most alumni earn enough to make progress repaying loans within 7 years of leaving.

We also show the total enrollment for the school as measured by full-time-equivalent (FTE) students enrolled annually.

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