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Agriculture is a program that focuses on the general principles and practice of agricultural research and production and that may prepare individuals to apply this knowledge to the solution of practical agricultural problems. includes instruction in basic animal, plant, and soil science; animal husbandry and plant cultivation; soil conservation; and agricultural operations such as farming, ranching, and agricultural business.
Current award levels
Hover over the bars below to see how many people across the country completed a degree in agriculture at each level last year.
01K2K3K4K0-1 Year Certificate1-2 Year Certificate2-4 Year CertificateAssociate's DegreeBachelor's DegreeMaster's DegreeResearch Doctorate
People with this bachelor's degree have gone to work in these careers
Agricultural ManagersManagers (specialized areas)Postsecondary teachersFirst-line supervisors of reta...Retail salespersonsChief executives and legislato...Agricultural and food scientis...First-line supervisors of offi...Grounds maintenance workersVeterinariansSecondary school teachersDriver/sales workers and truck...Accountants and auditorsCredit counselors and loan off...
General Agriculture majors work in these careers, which are sized by percentage of majors in the career (at least 1%) and colored by the predominant level of education.
High School
Some College
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Professional Deg/Doct
Race/origin of recent graduates
Here is an overview of race/origin for all agriculture graduates from this last academic year. We found a lower percentage of international graduates than in 55% of other programs.
Pacific Islander
American Indian
Not Reported
Context: Percentage of Minority Graduates
Minority students comprise a lower percentage of graduates than in 89% of other programs.
Of all people with any degree in agriculture earned in the last academic year, 50% were women.
Context: Percentage women
This is a lower percentage of women than 55% of other programs.
The Census Bureau provides salary data for people with bachelor's degrees in agriculture.
Context: Median Salary
People with a degree in agriculture have a median salary of $55,088.
Context: Benefit of a master's
About 26% of these bachelor's graduates also have a graduate degree, perhaps in a different field. Salaries improved by approximately 20% over those holding only the bachelor's degree for those with subsequent graduate degrees.
All of the following employment data applies to people holding a bachelor's degree in agriculture.
Context: Unemployment Rate
With an unemployment rate of 1.9%, this degree's majors who are in the workforce are more likely to be employed than the bachelor's graduates of 76% of other fields.
Context: Self Employed Workers
About 22% of workers who earned a bachelor's in agriculture are self-employed.
Top careers
Following are the most frequent jobs held by people who earned a bachelor's degree in General Agriculture, perhaps followed by additional education in any field. There is a fun exploration of related degrees and careers under Explore Careers below.
Staring Salaries and College Debt by Award
How are students who recently completed a degree in Agriculture doing?

New data from College Scorecard gives us a glimpse into the earnings and debt for recent graduates in their first year or two after leaving school. Shown is the distribution of the medians reported for all schools with graduates in the given program/award level.

Starting salaries by award level
$33K$0$10K$20K$30K$40KBachelor's Degree
Median cumulative federal loan amount
$21K$0$10K$20K$30KBachelor's Degree
Explore Careers
Careers for general agriculture majors
Careers for general agriculture majors

Here we look at ACS survey respondents across the US with a bachelor's degree in general agriculture, and we see their top careers. You can explore the salary distributions for all people in those careers, as well as the typical education help by workers in that job. If you see ** before the job name, that tells you that the Department of Education recommends this job for people with a degree in agriculture. We did not find always find a strong correlation between that advice and where people were working.

Select any column header to sort by that column, and select any row to explore that career.
Salary distribution 0-$200,000.
Middle 50%
Middle 80%
High School
Some College
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Percentage with degree who are in job
Agricultural Managers
Managers (specialized areas)
Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives
Elementary and middle school teachers
Agricultural workers (specialized areas)
First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers
**Postsecondary teachers
First-line supervisors of retail sales workers
Retail salespersons
Chief executives and legislators
**Agricultural and food scientists
First-line supervisors of office and administrative support workers
Grounds maintenance workers
Secondary school teachers
Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
Accountants and auditors
Credit counselors and loan officers
General and operations managers
Marketing and sales managers
Other routes to the top ten careers
Other majors that are hired by the top ten general agriculture careers

Take a minute with this sankey diagram, and use your mouse/touch to explore. You can follow the top ten jobs held by general agriculture graduates, and then, in turn, you can see the largest 10 degrees hired by each of those careers. We hope this gives you a glimpse at where you can most realistically hope to get a job with this degree, but also see alternatives for the same employment options. It's worth noting that for many degrees, the top ten jobs don't account for even half of the graduates. The data warns us / encourages us that a degree is only one piece of the puzzle that determines where we land.

General AgricultureAnimal SciencesAgriculture Production and ManagementPlant Science and AgronomyBusiness Management and AdministrationGeneral BusinessAgricultural EconomicsBiologyAccountingEconomicsElectrical EngineeringMechanical EngineeringPsychologyPolitical Science and GovernmentMarketingFinanceCommunicationsElementary EducationGeneral EducationSpecial Needs EducationEnglish Language and LiteratureEarly Childhood EducationArt and Music EducationLanguage and Drama EducationHistoryLiberal ArtsMathematicsNursingChemistryPhysicsFood ScienceMultidisciplinary or General ScienceSoil ScienceEnvironmental ScienceAgricultural ManagersManagers (specializedareas)Wholesale andmanufacturing salesrepresentativesElementary and middleschool teachersPostsecondary teachersAgricultural workers(specialized areas)First-line supervisors ofnon-retail sales workersFirst-line supervisors ofretail sales workersRetail salespersonsAgricultural and foodscientistsAll othersThis degreeTop 10 CareersTop 10 degrees hired
Jobs that choose general agriculture majors
What careers hire general agriculture majors as one of their top 10?

What jobs are especially seeking you out? The previous section let you explore the top ten jobs for people who earn bachelor's degrees in this field. Now we turn the tables a bit. What jobs have general agriculture as one of the top ten majors they hire? Take this with a grain of salt, though, since some majors have more than 100,000 annual graduates and others have only a few thousand. Maybe employers would hire more of certain low-number majors if they could be found. In the bottom Sankey box, we show you the proportion of general agriculture majors that are accounted for by the top 10 jobs -- there are a myriad of other options for most majors.

Agricultural and food scientistsConservation scientists and forestersAll other careersGeneral AgricultureAll other degreesCareers where this degree is a top 10 hireDegree
Where can I complete this program?
What schools offer this program?
Graduate program details
Explore agriculture graduate program details

Many schools provide information to Peterson's about their graduate programs, and Ididio has licensed that data to share with you. The data is reported by program name and subject, and we have worked to match that data with the standard "CIP" titles that are the basis of these program pages. Please be aware that only a subset of all possible graduate programs share the details about financial support and admissions numbers with Peterson's. To see a complete list of schools who have graduated students with this degree, the previous section is much more reliable; however, this is a great place to look for a hint of schools that may offer financial support. You can see more details about each school's graduate programs in the Programs Offered section within that school's Ididio page.

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Total applicants
Percentage Admitted
Application Fee
Grad students with aid
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Program in Agriculture (Master of Science)
Texas A & M University - Kingsville
Program in Agricultural Science (Master of Science)
Explore similar programs

Agriculture is part of a larger collection of programs: Agriculture. Is there a different program that's close to Agriculture that might be a better match for your interests? You can use this table to see a little about the programs that fall under this umbrella. If you click on any of the table headers, that will sort the table by that column, or click on a row and see Ididio's profile for that program.

Award Levels
Less than Bachelor's